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Rio West Boer Goats


Our Farm

Quality as high as the Rockies since 2018

 Our passion and goal is to produce high quality livestock and livestock products in a manner which is valuable to our customers, economically viable and sustainable for our environment. We provide diverse classes of livestock to meet these goals.

We produce high quality goat meat which we sell direct to the consumer. Our goat meat comes from animals born and raised on our high altitude farm. Our goats are pasture raised and finished and handled with the highest standards of stockmanship throughout their lives. We also raise American Boer Goat Association registered boer goats, as well as commercial boers and 4-H show goats.

Our KuneKune pigs are AKKPS registered. Starting in 2021, we will have pasture raised pork available, as well as registered breeding stock and pet pigs. 


Our Story

Local Multi-Generation Family Farm

Our family has been farming and ranching in Southern Colorado's San Luis Valley since 1906. We currently raise alfalfa hay and Coors barley. In 2007, our fifth generation began showing market goats in 4-H. In 2016, our family consumed our first home-raised goat meat, and from those humble beginnings, a passion for raising high quality meat goats was born. In 2018, we bought 11 bred does and started our meat goat journey. 

Our passion and goal is to produce high quality products in a manner which is sustainable for our environment, economically viable, and valuable to our customers. 

Being entrenched in agriculture in the San Luis Valley for over 100 years, we have a strong commitment to protecting the vibrancy of our rural communities through agriculture and work to sustain an environment in which our communities and future generations can thrive in. 

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