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Our Does

Meet some of our keeper does that make our farm great! 

#18 "Max"

Max serves as our farm "maxscot" and matriarch doe. She arrived with our original 11 does in December 2018 and instantly made friends with us and earned herself a name. This great commercial doe has kidded triplets every year for us, raised them all, and we have retained 5 awesome doelings from her. Below is Max giving "kisses". 



This doe is one who will be making an impact in our herd for years to come! She came with the original 11 does as a first time bred yearling and she did not fail to impress. We have retained all three of her doe kids so far, one of which has already kidded her first set of phenomenal kids as well. Not only does she make great breeding doe kids, but her kids are stylish and competitive. Her 2020 wethered buck kid (pictured below) placed first in his class at the SLV Fair. 


#20 "Martha"

#20 is another one of our foundation does. She is 75% ABGA registered, #10723231. This doe embodies what we strive to produce. She is a long, level, wide-made doe with superb breed character. We have kept and sold buck kids out of her twice. 



EGGS is our first fullblood doe, purchased in 2020. Her stylish, long frame and wide muscular build are exactly what we are looking for in our herd moving forward. She is bred to our 100% ABGA traditional buck for early 2021 kids and we cannot wait to see what she produces for us! 

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